Your Web in less than 5 days

Maintenance + Hosting including

You want a Web of much quality to the minimum cost?

It includes more of 400‚¬ in plugins and groups

It includes evaluated tools of design in more than 400 Euros so that you have a Web of the maximum quality. 

More than 150 designs of maximum quality to choose

You will have to your disposition more of a hundred of groups that you will be able to load in a matter of seconds.

Maintenance year free (Valued in 600‚¬)

Maintenance and security Web: Updates of WP, plugins€¦ backup copies, restorations, etc.

You will be able to add your contents easily

There am preparation the Web with the best tool of the market so that you raise contents of visual form.

100% Burglaryable and self-managementable. It adds what you want.

You will be able to as much publish and to enlarge the Web in number of pages, as in languages, functionalities, images, etc.

Formation online free (Valued in 247‚¬)

You will have videos so that where of simple form you will see as adding the contents in your Web step by step. 

Speed of load to help to position

The Web will be optimized as far as plugins and contained so that it has a magnificent speed of load.

Optimized to position in Google

The Webs will be prepared to position in Google. Integrated with Analytics, Search Console, etc.

Hosting free during a complete year

Gratuitous Hosting during 1º year with hard disks SSD, Spanish and administered IP.

The pages that you need to generate income

It includes 5 prepared pages to sell: Home, We, Services, Contact, etc. (map, form, gallery€¦)

Adapted to the RGPD to fulfill the norm

The forms are adapted to the new law, you will have prepared the pages to include your legal texts€¦

Safe Web: SSL, HTTPS. Based data.

Your Web will be protected with the certificate Let's Encrypt. In addition Google positions better the safe Webs.

Adapted to mobiles

The Web will dynamically adapt to movable devices, tablets, etc. improving the usability.

Support 1 month to solve doubts

One will occur to support by email for doubts and indidencias during 30 days from the putting online of the Web.

In only 5 days!

Once received the complete data, we will less than have your ready Web in 5 days.


Web + Hosting + Maintenance 1 year


Valued in more than 200 Euros


Your Web will be prepared with the best Manager Web of the world. You will have a totally complete panel of administration easy to use.

Divi subject (247‚¬)

The Divi Subject is possibly the Best Subject of WordPress than it will allow you to load hundreds of groups in a matter of seconds.

Convert Pro (99‚¬)

Possibly best plugin of the market to catch subscribers with your Web to obtain emails and to be able to turn the visits into clients.

iThemes Security

We have installed and realised more than 50 configurations of security with best plugin of Security so that your Web is protected.

Divi Switch (19‚¬)

This super plugin premium will allow to add you more than 40 functionalities to your Web just by to push a button. Simple and powerful.

Plugin Monarch

With this plugin they will be able to share articles of your blog and your webpage in the social networks to multiply your visits.


with library of groups in Spanish

We designed a Web who you will be able to use and to personalize to your taste or if you prefer it to load one of more than 150 groups.


It is important that you know this€¦


We did not load your contents

We prepared €œthe foundations, the structure and the tile roof€ of your Web, but your you must put €œthe furniture€ with your texts and photos.


We did not form your external accounts

We did not create your accounts of social networks nor of another type of tools as newsletters, etc. Those external tasks you must do them if you want.


Modification of codes php, HTML, css€¦

The idea is that you have a Web 100% self-managementable and you do not need to touch nothing of code and thus you do not have to depend to engage programmers, etc.


and the frequent questions

It interests to me Which are the steps to follow?

You only must make the payment by means of the bellboys of purchase who you will see in this page and we start up.

We will send an email to you with the information and access data that we will need to prepare the Web to you and as soon as you respond to us we will begin and in less than 5 days workable you will have it list and we will send all the keys to you of access so that you can begin to personalize it with your contents.

Add can you also contained them?

If, but not with this service.

For that you must see the different types from Webs as we have.

For a ready to use Web he beats here.

I can ask for modifications?

The idea of this service is that you can self-manage it all your of simple form.

If you need modifications you can ask estimated or to contract maintenance service to us.

We will be to your side to help you yet what you need.

How it is the formation online?

You will have videos where we explained to you what is what we gave to you and as you can add your information of simple way.

And in addition we gave a course to you online (valued in 247 Euros) of by life so that you learn thoroughly if you want the program with which we have designed your Web.

I must have my images and texts already preparations?

It is not necessary.

We prepared it everything and you calmly will be able to add your contents (texts, images, logo€¦) when you want.

I can turn this Web into a store online?

If you could but you would need to know plugin Woocommerce and knowledge to form it.

If you do not know you will be able to score at the course of stores online of www.cursowp-online.com or if you prefer it to contract a Web to size and you we left it everything integrated and formed so that bandage products online.


and you will less than have your Web online in 5 days