Your safe and up-to-date Web

by only 50 Euros to the month

You want to forget the security Web, hosting and the updates to you?


It includes Premium Hosting in ProfesionalHosting

We lodge your Web in the same hosting (VPS) that tenenemos we lodged ours. Hard disks SSD (ultrafast), Spanish IP, etc.


Migration of your Web including

We migrate your Web to our Premium Hosting without additional costs. Your you facilitate the data to us and we were in charge of everything.


Security of your Web of double castrates

In addition to the security of the Hosting we add our layer of security. It includes daily copies, restorations, etc.


Updates of WordPress

To update to the new versions of WordPress is very important and surely not it beams. We were in charge to make it by you to avoid scares to you.


Updates of all plugins

You must update plugins but not always it agrees to do leave it so the updates because incompatibilities can arise. Better than a professional does it.


Updates of the Subject of WordPress

If you also have your own license of your Subject or Group of WordPress we were in charge to update it whenever it comes. If you use Divi we updated it with our license if you want.


Premium installation of plugins

We have bought plugins for more than 800 Euros than we can install in your Web so that you yourself you can form them and use them without additional cost.


Resuluci³n of security incidences

If you have some problem of hackeos, virus€¦ in your Web, we were in charge to realise the restoration and to fix the problem.


Support to solve your doubts

It is very probable that if you have a Web in WordPres you have doubts quite often and you waste long time. Contracting this maintenance you have including support by email.


Without contract of discharge nor permanence.


It is important that you know this€¦


We did not update your contents

It is not including which we update or we create contents (texts, images€¦) in your Web. For it you will have to contract to this other maintenance Web


We did not form your external accounts

We created your accounts of email, neither social networks nor of another type of tools as newsletters, etc. Those external tasks you must do them if you want.


Modification of codes php, HTML, css€¦

They do not include works of code nor nungºn another type of tasks that are not the own ones of maintenance of the Hosting, security Web, accounts of mail, updates€¦


and the frequent questions

It interests to me Which are the steps to follow?

You only must make the payment by means of the bellboys of purchase who you will see in this page and we start up.

We will send an email to you with the information and access data that we will need to migrate the Web to you and as soon as you respond to us we will begin and in less than 5 days workable you will have it list and from we were in charge there of everything.

Add can you also contained them?

If, but not with this service.

For that you must see the different types from Webs as we have.

For a maintenance of contents (texts, photos, blog€¦) it beats here.

I can ask for precise modifications?

If you need modifications you can ask estimated or to contract maintenance service to us of contents.

We will be to your side to help you yet what you need.

BY ONLY 50‚¬ to the month

You will be able to cancel it when you want.