What type of campaigns exists

There are different types from SEO campaigns, in fact there are the most expensive campaigns, but we concentrated in oriented campaigns to SMEs and independent I would say that we can frame them from the campaigns that cost some 150‚¬/mes to which they go up to around 800‚¬/mes.

Which are the differences? You will ask yourself now€¦

Google reads more than 300 parameters to position, and so in a basic campaign normally work some of them and in more the outposts it is extended the rank of parameters with which works and they are used payment tools to position, and so the person or company who realises the campaign to you, does not enter that clean money, but she must make against some payments to accelerate your results.

That it has of individual the case of this photographer of you drink

photographer of you drink

photographer of you drink

In fact it has of individual that is securing results with a basic campaign. That is to say, to secure results with high investments is easier, the complicated thing is to secure results with lower investments.

In this campaign we are concentrating in securing real visits to his for his webpage of photographer of babies. That is to say, we are centering efforts in one of the most important parameters for Google: €œThat the visits remain time in the Web€.

This is basic, and for that reason it is important also to have an attractive Web, to guarantee that the visitors do not go away. I am preparing a course of SEO in www.cursowordpress-online.com where I will speak to you with more detail of all this.

What we must do before home the campaign

A good example of photographer of you drink

First of everything, you campaign that you do, is to have a good car, jeje

With this, I want to put a resemblance to you. If to position the Web it is a race to be on the front page€¦ imagines that you wanted to win, having a bad car, would be much more difficult to do it.

That is to say, if you have a Seat Panda and you compete against Ferraris, no matter how much you throw gasoline to him to the car and you have it very clean, is going to you to be complicated to win to them.

And so first it is to improve your Web, to optimize it, €œto clear weight to him€, etc. For example in the case of Lullaby.cat, this example of which I speak to you of photographer of you drink, first that became was to optimize the Web. In fact it is a work that we realised with certain regularity since to the being a photographer uses its Web to present works to the clients and is necessary to watch much that the Web does not slow down by the great number of photographies that raises habitually.

Once either it is optimized, or we can begin with the work to position.

Analysis of key words

Something important is to choose the key words well. In our case they were: photographer of you drink and photographic news article drinks. This analysis agrees to do it of detailed form and being compared the competition to know against what type of €œcars€ you compete.

If so it happened in a few weeks in being in 500 position and tip to position 40. Still it is way to cross, but the results arrived faster from the awaited thing.

There are many tools to do it as Semrush and other many gratuitous ones that can help you.

Good, in following articles I will be telling more details to you of the evolution of basic campaigns of SEO with good results.