The Spaniards continue being pioneering in the advertising investment

According to an annual study realised by InfoAdex - in charge to follow the advertising activity in this country for 20 years, we are the one who make the greater monetary investment in which to publicity it talks about; he was of 11,742, 2 million spent Euros, the past 2015, only and exclusively in promoting goods and/or services.

In conventional means €“ radio, television, door-to-door, magazines€¦ - the investment only increased a 7.5% in comparison with realised the past year 2014; incredible it isn't certain? , but when including the phelp thing to promote products in other means that less are used by the others the investment increased a 4.7%.

publicity investment

But we are not the unique ones, in Europe here is the United Kingdom and Germany increasing its investment a 3.5%, in addition to France and Slovakia. Although everything in our continent is not rose color then countries as Italy fell a 0.5%, France a 0.2%, Russia with 5.6% and the greater loss was Sweden with 9.6%.

To the other side of the world the panorama is totally unequal. Unlike our country, in many American States the advertising funding has decayed. We have two great examples of this, that are the United States and Mexico. In the first investment of spreading of goods and services a 4% in the 2015 fell, and in the second it diminished a 4.2% with respect to the 2014 €“ all this after years and years of ascent. One of the only countries that managed to raise its investment was Argentina.

If we spoke of the Asian countries many would think that the investment in publicity grew enormously, but the truth is that in China a 7.2% descended; unlike Japan in which a 1.8% grew.

The truth is that the new technologies have revolutionized totally everybody of the publicity and by them the investment in the promotion of goods and/or services in a great amount of States has been increased considerably, not only in ours; everything due to the great gains that of they obtain from them €“ on everything in the cinematographic industry, that is over the Internet. In fact €“ and for misfortune of average forms the hiring of these to publicize products fell in more of 80% of the countries.

All these numbers, although some are quite low, demonstrate that the publicity for a product never can be left of side, because it brings great benefits for the companies and the country.


Author: Sercompublicidad door-to-door in Madrid and distribution of publicity