Hello amig@s, today we are going to tell a real case you of positioning where we have secured superb results in a shortest space of time.

One is a factory of motorcycles in the Clearing, the factory is called Motolupo and been one of the best factories of the zone since in addition to counting on one expanded experience, the service is impeccable.

But we go to the grain. With this company we have begun to work the positioning and it is already positioned on the front page in the contracted words.

The words to position have been these:

| Factory of motorcycles the clearing
| Factory of Majadahonda motorcycles
| Motorcycles the clearing
| Store motorcycles the clearing

And now you will be being been making the great question€¦

Since we have done it?

A good magician never counts his secrets but I will advance some track to you. In order to make a good positioning, you must make articles as this, where, in the keyword that you want to position, you put a connection to the Web. For example, if now we want to give a push to the keyword lies down motorcycles the clearing we must put a connection to the Web in that word since we have done in this paragraph.

And once you do this, is necessary to do a good work of link building, securing connections in external pages to this article, not to the Web that we want to position. Thus we transferred the force of this Web and this article to the company of our client.

The great secret is in what pages one must make that linck building to secure so fast results and to thus generate income to its clients 😉