Today we presented our new project to you online that is causing rage. We see why. Nowadays the sale of original gifts is a sector that invoices million Euros to the year, not in vain only the word €œoriginal gifts€ has more than 110,000 monthly searches in Google. If that number leaves cold you, I will tell you that she is burrada. There are businesses that with some 1000 visits to the month and well being positioned already generate good income. Then to imagine to you what can suppose to be positioned well in that keyword.

Shelp this, the market is full of gifts that normally finish in a drawer to the few months or even weeks. That is to say, they are original but they are not unforgettable, forget soon in fact.

We finished sending a gift that, would dare to say, that to which is #***aed-refl mng to him, it finishes it whereas clause one of the best gifts than it has received in his life.

Indeed, the unforgettable gifts exist, in fact in this previous link you can visit the page and see it in detail, but I will advance something to you:

One is a book to give in group, where each participant, nearly money, will fill up a questionnaire speaking on the phelp tribute to one, in that questionnaire will respond to questions on the shared memories, the virtues or things that has learned of the phelp tribute to one, etc.

Normally, the given person, when receiving the book and seeing all the answers of her friendly or relatives, most probable is than she lies down to cry of emotion or that she enchants to him and one of the best gifts considers it than it has received. The value of the book per person surpasses by far the cost that supposes to him to all the friendly that participate in the gift.

Here you can see an explanatory video.