In our world of the communication, smartphones, social networks, Webs and multimedia; is every greater day the necessity to know them to understand what it happens around to ours. In addition, if we took into account that, as well as it is a tendency of the society, is what it is outlined the future in next and distant. Then, it is of supposition that such demand must be replaced by personnel enabled for the handling of all this ecosystem. When we spoke of pages Webs, digital blogs, stores online, magazines and more, it is impossible not to think about WordPress. Therefore it would be as thinking about the super Italian cars without remembering to Ferrari.

Esteem that in the next WordPress years will be surpassing 50% of all the content that there is in Internet. Therefore; it is impossible to think that anybody that tries to be a professional in handling Web, publisher, writer or programmer does not handle it. In fact, if you do not know WordPress and you have some of the professions before mentioned already you are in problems.

To peculiar way, a few months ago I interviewed a computer science student that wanted to work in my equipment; his qualifications, their form to communicate and its skill they made see it a good candidate. Nevertheless, when showing to him two Web sites of a client that was constructed in prestashop and WordPress; this it remained paralyzed, I comment that it did not know of the existence of these CMS. Consequently, it made doubt me right away referring to his incorporation.

How almost somebody can being computer science engineer, specialized in Webs and not to know WordPress?

If we spoke that this CMS is way to occupy half of the Web sites; then we must think that those million pages are going to have to be handled by somebody. Therefore already we can glimpse the relevance that this profession has for the present and future scene. If in a while it were seen as a hobby, today it must understand that to learn to handle WordPress perfectly it is necessary and for it always is recommendable to make some good WordPress course and gratuitous noncourses. For some years back; before the evolution of the computers, it was not necessary to have basic knowledge of Office or Windows. At the moment he is one of the fundamental requirements of any race.

If we took as reference other world-wide scenes outside Spain, we were with that countries as Germany, France, the United States, the United Kingdom and others, already are consolidated the use of wordpress. In these the passage of many platforms of E-Commerce to WordPress integrated with WooCommerce occurred.

Memory a few months ago to the interviewed being a high character of Google, that in textual words comment €œWordPress is the favorite of google€. Every day the demand of programmers, advisers, consultants, training and more related to this CMS increases. You do not hope that pass more time. The future it is today and the election is yours.