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And now, to the nuisance.

How to be in the first positions of Google in less than a month

In order to obtain this there are thousand theories and many professionals in SEO that will explain thousand formulas to you to improve positions, but now we mean something to you very simple, that could be to you very useful mainly if still you have not begun your business. 

  1. We wanted to position the keyword: WEBPAGES COMPANIES
  2. For it we bought the domain: www.ofwpinoytv.net
  3. We create the Web (at the outset, logically we did not appear in 1º put)
  4. We install in pluging WordPress SEO by Yoast and optimized the pages
  5. And in less than a month€¦ TACHN! In the first Google positions!

Here you can see a screenshot:



As positioning my Web without effort

Although in the natural positioning SEO Google analyzes more than 200 factors than you would have to know€¦ THE FORCE OF THE DOMAIN CONTINUES BEING VERY IMPORTANT.

If still you can:

  1. A domain chooses that contains the key words that you want to position
  2. Later WordPress uses to make your Web 
  3. By Yoast installs pluging WordPress SEO and we optimized the pages


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