Hello friendly! In this article we are going to make 2 things. On the one hand we are going to explain approximately as positioning local key words and their differences with another type of key words.

We see€¦ when you are going to position some keyword for your company you must know something before: It is not easy to position by one same one of an efficient way. This is something that everybody would know clearly if it were to pilot a formula 1 for example, but still is many think that is €œto drive a car anyone€, but is not thus.

I explain to you briefly why, in fact when positioning what we tried to do it is to gain a race. For example, if we want to position the optical keyword pozuelo for the Interoptica company the Northwest for example, that is the practical case that we are going to see in this article, which we are going to do is to deal with to appear on the front page Google and of some way we must tell him to Google that it clears to a company of which already it has on the front page to put to us.

That in fact is a race and if we do we ourself dedicating it us to another profession (retailer, lawyer, photographer€¦) what, by experience, we will do is to waste the time, to waste a most valuable time that we could have used to generate more clients or to take care of to whom or we have or to be with our family and friendly and nevertheless there are it lost trying to form to us and to inform in positioning without securing results in the short term to us.

This type of key words for a serious agency would not have to be too complicated to position and even so it is a task that stops a good professional can take months, and so it imagines what could cost to you if you do not know to do it.

This art­clo we are going it to leave open and we are going to show in a next article since we have used it to position this keyword and its results.

In this way we secured 2 things, to show you that stop to position the optical keyword pozuelo we are not using the Web of Interoptica the Northwest but an article in an external Web (this one) that will be on that we will do works of positioning and that will affect of direct way to the Web of our example.

And on the other hand we were able to use it as example so that veais the effects in the time.

It will continue€¦