In this article we are going to see several things that we have worked for this client and how we have secured first positions on the front page as much in Google My Business (the map) as in natural positioning (the text).

With this client we have worked the word Saragossa detectives by means of several strategies.

In this case one of the works he has been that the client asked for to his own clients opinions or references on his works. In this way Google puts in its card stars that draw attention and allow that you receive a greater traffic than your competitors although you are not in the first position.

With this one obtains that while is working in the campaign to try to appear first, the client receives calls and consultations and during the time that is not first of the front page secure more contacts than the one than is in the first place.

In this example a work of organic positioning that allows the client to appear 2 times within front page, one in the map or Google My Business is being realised and another one in the positioning of natural results. In this way the possibilities of receiving visits in the Web multiply.

But to this good work of SEO it is necessary to add other important complementary works for a greater effectiveness.

One is that the Web in which this traffic lands all, in addition to being responsive and to be optimized well and with a nice design, must offer information of value, supplies and a content that causes that the clients want to off-hook the telephone to call.