In this article we are going to see a new example of positioning and are going to demonstrate as we are going to position less than to a client in 2 months.

This is something that few agencies of positioning can obtain. We have begun the works of positioning in December and for January or first of February we hoped to have positioned it on the front page. This it is first of two articles where we are going to demonstrate this great effectiveness that we can apply in the majority of local businesses.

In this case we are going to analyze one of the key words of the client:

One is a keyword that when positioning will allow it to us to be also positioned in its variants as Getafe psychologists or Getafe psychologist, etc.

Once we positioned in so short space of time this keyword, the client sees that we are great professionals and we do not sell smoke since unfortunately they make too many companies that say that they make SEO nowadays. Passed that first stage where to the client we offer results to him of fast and effective form, phase 2 begins:

In this second phase which we do is to raise positions within front page. This it is a work that even can be more complicated than to appear on the front page. If we put an example with racing cars we could see that now we competed with the 9 better cars and so he is more complicated to advance to first that to which they were in slowr positions.

Next you will have the article of what speed we have put this company on the front page.

We see ourselves!