Perhaps when you have read the title of this article you are asking yourself€¦ What? What is does this of raiola send and not the panda?

I tell you, that I believe that are going you to like.

The prestigious company of hosting Raiola along with Soywebmaster and Dean Romero has organized a positioning course SEO in which they are participating authentic cracks. The best specialists in positioning of Spain are competing in this contest in which the awarded ones will take 5,000 Euros.

But after this brief summary leave me that all this tells you proper:

If, Raiola tells me well what is this of €œcommands and not the panda€

It knew that you would say to that Billy 😉

In order to begin I am going away to present. My name is Gonzalo of Campa and in addition to carrying out works of consultancy, graphical design, design Web, courses of formation of WordPress, etc. I realise services of positioning along with my great partner Raul for and small businesses.

For a long time we have been coming feeling that the quality of our positioning is so high that we will not take too much in €œleaving in the news€ jeje if one may use the expression, but we thought that with a contest as this of Raiola, we will be able to demonstrate that we are in the pole position of the specialists in positioning in Spain.

Why so is prestigious the contest of raiola sends and not the panda?

We say that to position this keyword in which the best ones of Spain compete supposes a very complicated challenge. In fact if you look for this keyword in Google and contracts to some of the companies that are on the front page you make sure that you are contracting an authentic crack.

In fact one would dare to say that also you guess right if contracts to those of second and third page since this keyword with so many good competitors is possibly much more difficult that those that your you want to position for your company where perhaps you do not compete against the best ones of Spain.

If you want more information visits this article of raiola sends and the panda and will not be because your and I continued speaking but we have changed of room of the disc jeje. There I tell more small things you.

However, how we already positioned several Webs between the 10 first if that are the definitive demonstration of which not only we have been able to put to us enters the 10 first, if not that in addition we have put more in one go.

Time to the time.

By the way, if you have arrived up to here is that it interests to you and if interests and you want to you that we help you to position your business, you already know contacts to us and who knows, perhaps in some months we have positioned to you on the front page and you are generating more income than in everything what you have done investing to years 😉 in the last

Thus it is the SEO, the good campaigns, by very expensive that are, in fact leave to you free because they generate very many more entrance than you invest in them.