Today the subject goes of practical cases. Here we bring another one to you of them of one of the best optical of the Mountain range of Madrid, not only for its years of experience, since she is one of which more time takes but it counts already on 5 optical by the zone. One is Interoptica.

Also we are working the positioning and we have already positioned all the contracted key words on the front page of Google in very just a short time.

Perhaps one of them, the one of greater difficulty is optical pozuelo in fact we have detected that the zone of Pozuelo is one of which more competition is as far as positioning SEO in finders.

In fact when begins to work the positioning can analyze many factors, but there are some only can it are detected themselves according to advances the campaign.

The positioning is not an exact science and often it is necessary to make test-error to be detecting what things are those that better work.

In next chapters we will be counting the evolution of this keyword.