In this article I am going to you to count which are the benefits of SEO Local and Long Tail so that you see if it can interest to you or no.

When you are going to contract a positioning campaign you must analyze if he is better to bet by a campaign of one of these 2 types:

  1. To position words of high or high competition meda
  2. To position words of low or low average competition: SEO Local or of niche.

Based on reason why you bet the results are going to be very different. We see the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of the SEO of words of high or high average competition.

The greater advantage to position words by far traffic and much competition is that once you obtain it you will have many visits (if you are in the first 4 positions of the front page) and with many visits it is easier to generate sales (if you have a worked good Web).

The great disadvantage is that most probable it is than afternoons more than 6 months in being in 1ª page (to more competition more usually takes) and that you must invest a good amount of money until seeing results. Linkbuilding will be necessary to do much, to possibly buy authority means articles that give force to your Web, those articles that you buy will be expensive€¦ and in addition it will be the risk of which if the agency which you have contracted not obtains it you will have thrown all that money to the trash.

For that reason it is important that if you are going to bet by a SEO of high competition with very complicated key words that normally are at national, provincial level or even generic, you have the total security of which the agency is going it to be able to obtain.

If you are going it to try by your own means prepares to invest to long time and money to you in forming to you and in implanting the own campaign.

Another possible disadvantage is that if you work very generic words is going to arrive at your Web traffic from low quality. For example if you work the keyword: €œWordPress course€ will arrive at your Web people who free look for it or actual in another province different from yours and if your you sell payment courses online those visits will go away fast and Google will know it and so it will harm to your positioning. It will not be a traffic interested in buying to you.

Advantages and disadvantages of the SEO of words of low or low average competition: Local SEO and/or of niche.

The great advantage is that you are going to see results soon and on the results or you will be able to make decisions, to see if is profitable and in that case of extending the campaign or it is not it and in that case of improving it or of stopping it. That is to say, you reduce the risk of exponential form because in the first months already you have results.

In a single month you can see results

In our Campaign of SEO Ilimitado we worked local keywords and from niche as you can see in the video of more down and the results they can get to be spectacular (based on the activity, of the Web, etc.)

In fact if you do not have Web or you have it but it does not generate sales first to you, before the SEO it is to design it or to redesign it and soon to invest in SEO. If you want that it helps you takes advantage of this service of Launching of New Businesses where I am helping both things of effective super form.

We say that another one of the great advantages is that you do not need to wait for 6 months and is almost as fast as SEM or a campaign of Facebook Ads but with the advantage of which you must pay neither to Google nor to Facebook, and so you will save much money to the month and the year.

The traffic will be of more quality

With very specific words long tail or you will only receive less traffic but those that really are arranged to pay what you offer. That is to say, to position the word €œdesign Web€ is very expensive and very difficult by the highest competition and if you dedicate yourself to do webpages you will see that great part of your visits will be students who want to make a course of design Web and they will never buy to you. He would be more intelligent to position €œDesigner Web in WordPress Madrid€ or €œPrices designer Web in WordPress€ since she will be people who look for what beams exactly and that they are arranged to pay for that reason.

Good, I leave a video here you where not only I explain it in detail as hempos positioned words as €œGymnasium with Pilates in Chamber­ Madrid€ and some combinations as pilates chamberi but also that you can see as a client of SEO Ilimitado has obtained more than 40 requests in 5 days with less than 2 months to be working his positioning SEO in Google.

The disadvantage of this SEO would be that you work words with less traffic but as you can see in the video in the end compensates fully.