Today I am going to speak to you of the press where I print everything. One is the press in Legan©s that I knew some ago years. I was looking for and asking estimated to many presses and in the end, after looking for much, of asking much, to request tens of budgets I decided to print in this press of legan©s.

Why I was decided by this press in legan©s Dsig call?

Very simple. By 3 things:

  1. By the price: The prices that happened to me were cheapest. Although this was not determining because I in addition to printing cheap wanted all the quality of impression.
  2. By the quality: This press of legan©s really takes care of to the maximum what does. In fact I tested several and I printed catalogues and when seeing that they were cheap catalogues but with great quality already I was decided by them.
  3. By proximity: Proximity in 2 senses, as much of Cristobal, the owner, who takes care of each detail to the maximum and if there is to repeat something repeats it until it is perfect. As to have Imprenta low COST in Legan©s, that is to say the press in Madrid that to live I in Chamber­ came to me very well.

You want to print cheap catalogues, magazines, carpertas€¦?

If he is thus my advice is that you request always several budgets. But I would recommend to you that at least some of the budgets for the presses that you ask are in this press of legan©s that certainly is going to you to surprise.