Today we are going it to explain with a keyword to see a real example: Brokerage of insurances in Madrid.

To respond the €œenigma€ of how positioning a Web in the first places of Google, it is the challenge of whatever it wishes to promote to the success with a product or service with a webpage.

A challenge turns out to use the correct elements, such as the use of keywords, the type of niche to which you go and the location of your business, if you want that your website responds accurately to the consultation carried out by a user of Google.

I tell You as doing it!

First that you must do it is to familiarize to you with three abbreviations. These represent the directed actions to improve the process of visibility of your website in google. I talk about to the famous SEO (in English Optimization Search Engine).

Although Google is very complex, when it is to determine what it is the important thing to have a website in the first positions, is not less certain that two elements exist SEO, that are unquestionable to position a Web in the first places.

First it is the Authority. This talks about to the popularity and the utility that the website represents for a great amount of users. A popularity in ascent and a useful content (shared by many users) is fundamental for web search engines as Google.

The second is the relevance, that is to say, the entailment that has a page with respect to a conducted search. Before, this was needed by the amount of times that appeared the keyword within the content. Nowadays it responds to other factors of the page, such as: time of load, experience of the user, optimization of the code and format of the URL.

Nevertheless, when we spoke of positioning, web search engines and SEO, one is to experiment first and to analyze later.

Reason why we are going to show some actions to you that you must carry out, if you want to position a Web in the first places of Google, from a practical case.

We begin!


The root of a good positioning is in choosing a keyword, that is competitive and that leads as well to the user to your domain. Fact this, corresponds to create a quality content that agrees with the consultations of the visitors who journey by Google.

A concrete example will help to understand it better us: we imagine that your website tries on insurances, brokerages, agencies, policies, wrecks, insuring and things of the sort. In order to determine the local SEO, we will add a location: Madrid, Spain.

Having these two present elements, your keyword could be: €œBrokerage of insurances in Madrid€ to divide d here, begins the good thing.


One first recommendation to position your webpage, is to take that keyword and to write it in the finder of Google.

You will realize, that at the end of the results is a list of €œRelated Searches€. These they will serve to you so that you become a small list of keywords, and successively you keep them in a spreadsheet from Excel, or a table of Word.

He is recommendable to make click in each of those results, since they will be to you appearing more searches associated with your content.

In this point we are going to suggest to you to introduce the keyword in one of the so many generating gratuitous tools of excellent keywords. That is to say: Google Trends, Google Search Console, œbersuggest and Keyword Shitter.

These tools not only help us to identify a listing of keywords for the web search engines, but it takes into account your business and the users to whom you go, based on the country and the language that selections.

When introducing the word Brokerage of Insurances, you will realize of which they will appear to you companies leaders in that market, the types of services that offer and where you could locate them.


The social networks also have become the dwelling of forums, groups and commentaries, that allow us to know that it is shelp of our sector. Even, in some cases until we can be redirected to other specialized websites.

In the case of an insurance agent, you can go to the most popular sites within that niche. To explore that contained it teems that way, allows to verify if the one of your webpage adjusts more to the commented contents.

Therefore, nothing better than to submerge in groups and pages of Facebook, specialized forums, debates in Twitter or webpages of companies leaders in brokerage of insurances. A good form to extend you panorama, you don't create?

If you pay attention at great length, you found commentaries around insurance policies, wrecks, investments, mediation, consultant's offices to companies, that without a doubt are a source of keywords in power, for your content on-site.


Finally, it remembers that your keyword must be competitive. Reason why you will have to know which are those that generate more traffic, or as they say in the slang of marketing those that €œturn more to your domain€.

Therefore, more visits than repel, subscriptions and that potential clients roam constantly by a website, it requires to spend time to investigate those popular subjects, where your competition has still not taken party.

In addition you do not have to happen through stop, that generally, the keywords that turn more are the calls €œof long tail€ (in English longtail keywords).

It means that he would be more competitive to place €œ3 keys to find good Insurance agents in Madrid€ that to only place €œInsurance agency in Madrid€.

To have the domain of these advice will allow to open to you passage you in the world of the SEO where to position a Web in the first places of Google, it is the jewel sea bream between colleagues. So you do not stop growing in the understanding and update these subjects, because it goes that these days are cambiantes!

Success in your way€¦