Facebook Ads (Leads)

350,0‚¬ / month

This SEO Ilimitado includes 1 words new in 1ª page of Google every month. They are very concrete and specific words that bring traffic of much quality and in that there is less competition.

It includes:

  • A new keyword every month (12 words in 1ª page the first year)
    • Words of niche or the premises (district, locality or town. Nonprovinces)
    • Ex: Optics in Majadahonda, Photographer of weddings in Chamber­, psic³lgo infantile in šbeda€¦
  • Access to the Web to manage SEO onpage
  • SEO in off page (linkbuilding, strategy€¦)
  • Monthly information

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There are no valuations still.

I know first in valuing €œFacebook Ads (Leads)€

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